Systems learning lab
map, model, simulate for collective understanding of complex systems, problems and solutions with high impact
Leverage power of networks
systematically nurture stakeholder networks focused on achieving program goals
Adaptive governance
facilitate local led and iterative program implementation approaches
Our work involves testing assumptions, problem diagnostics, root cause analysis, scenario analysis, evaluating impact of intervention portfolios, program logic, finding leverage, stakeholder mapping, facilitating iterative change.
Identifying micro drivers of poverty in Madagascar and potential intervention portfolio conceptualized through system dynamics modeling and mapping.
Root cause analysis, understanding of leverages and program logic for ground water demand management in Tunisia
Understanding impact of tightly coupled feedback loops of economic, social, ecological systems to identify key constraints in growth and sustainable livelihood in Kiribati
Systems level insights helped surface the assumptions underlying HIV policy decisions in Lesotho and shifted focus from curative to preventive services to elevate impact of interventions.
Systematic issues that continue to erode potential growth of infrastructure, including problems with demand and supply of capital in Indonesia
System dynamics model and management simulator to demonstrate an integrated view of the data and voice ecosystem in Togo.
Sri Lanka
Due diligence and multi stakeholder mapping of the transport system in Sri Lanka.
Root cause analysis for limited connectivity that undermines productivity in urban areas in Kenya.
ARP Southern region
Mapping knowledge sharing networks between Alliance partners of the Africa regional programme - southern region - Who and what influences learning and knowledge sharing about key populations in ARP Southern region.
Stakeholder mapping and engagement for Public Private Dialogue (PPD) mechanism that could catalyze the private sector development objectives (IFC) in Ghana.
Sierra Leone
Multi-stakeholder systems mapping to develop a rapid response mechanism to Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.
Social network analysis for targeting technical collaborations, knowledge flows, and advocacy for nutrition related interventions in India.
LAC (Latin America & The Carribeans
Framework to systematically develop partner networks for the ‘Partnership Mapping Instrument’ initiative.(UNICEF-LAC)
Stakeholder mapping to guide adjustments in current activities for improved results for a reproductive health project in Niger.
Midterm assessment of the civic engagement program (CEP) in Macedonia to strengthen constructive engagement by civil society organizations on policies and issues of public concern
Institutional change and program design with an Agile approach for the Government of Kiribati.