Use the science of social networks to plan and redesign the workplace in backdrop of COVID-19 and beyond


RESET platform supports businesses to systematically transform and adjust to remote workplace

Assessment of risk and business continuity

Risk from person-to-person (POP) exposure and cost-benefit of transitioning to remote work

Team planning

Teams self organize to plan for remote and onsite work

Minimizing random disruptions

Take systematic actions, set the decision rules and adapt, based on risk assessments over time

Optimizing facilities management

Facilities planning and policies around potential utilization of office space

Transition to new normal

Adapt organization structure, culture, and policies to the new normal

Track changes

Create a seamless learning and action reinforcing loop

The Premise

Person-to-Person (POP) exposure to infections increase as more people work in physical proximity. The goal is to reduce hours of physical proximity by moving to remote work or following social distancing norms.

How does RESET support team planning?

Teams can evaluate their current work relationships to plan the time they will need to work together onsite (in physical proximity) and the part they can move to remote work. Based on team-plans, work relationships will reside in one of the quadrants, requiring different change strategies.

How does RESET evaluate risk?

Reset uses Organizational Network Analysis techniques to evaluate risks from the network of work relationships between staff

  • Work Relationship – Number of hours a pair of employees work together in physical proximity. Move to remote work as much as possible.
  • Centrality – Employees with higher centralities are at greater risks of getting infected and/or spreading the infection. Take extra care of these employees and provide incentives for shouldering responsibilities.
  • External – The level of external exposure due to nature of tasks (eg. Customer facing), mode of transport, residential zone etc. Take appropriate transport and other logistical measures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know so you can use RESET like a pro.

What is POP Risk Exposure?

The risk of exposure to infection is proportional to the hours of physical proximity at the workplace.

The extent to which certain work relationships are critical to functioning of business.

Physical proximity can be working with people within 6 feet radius, or an enclosed space (such as work cubicles), or in groups.

It is the network density of physical proximity, defined by the existing number of relationships that work in physical proximity relative to the possible number of similar relationships.

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