Reset facilitates the process of visioning the future with an eye on the present crisis. It supports you in learning through change increments to evolve your own ‘normal’. Reset can be applied for your specific goals in the transition cycle.

Contact tracing


  • Simplified interface for screening questionnaires
  • Screening reminders as mandated by the organization

Individual risk assessment

  • Email and text alerts to employees with elevated risk if anyone in-network is infected, based on the Reset network algorithm
  • The system notifications maintain privacy without revealing identity of the infected person, (a legal requirement in many jurisdictions)

Contract tracing interviews

  • Survey questions to identify potential exposure to office personnel
  • Identify additional risks based on movement within premises

Remote or Hybrid workplace transition

Working from home can involve sweeping alterations in lifestyles and the need to acquire new hard and soft skills. Nevertheless, onsite responsibilities might lead to anxiety of possible health risks from working at physical proximity with others in office. Any transition strategy will require change at the operational level as well as in mindsets to adjust to evolving situations.

Reset supports the transition efforts through:

  • Team level planning of remote and onsite work distribution
  • Expert facilitation of teams and individual employees in the planning process and the soft emotional factors involved during the transition
  • Continuous tracking of performance, evolving the organization structure, leadership and remote work culture

Facilities planning and management

Reset provides data-driven decision support for facilities managers to optimize office space for business continuity and the risk of spreading infection. Further, it supports planning and designing of policies with a long-term view of a hybrid workplace, beyond the pandemic.

  • Planning required onsite and remote employee work hours per day/week
  • Scheduling shifts over the day
  • Estimating the square footage of office space required at new normal
  • Redesigning the office space
  • Continuous learning and planning a work-from-home ecosystem